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“In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.”

 ~Eric Hoffer

The only sustainable competitive advantage is a culture of continuous learning. Our goal is to drive organizational change through project-based learning.   The project interface is the ideal environment for meaningful training and development.  Without taking valuable individuals away from their project, project-based learning allows teams to understand how new practices integrate into the full complexity of real projects.  It also allows teams to customize their approach and execution of innovation to best fit the challenges of the project and the values of the team.  


People are the greatest asset of any organization.  Using a mix of interpersonal psychology, team sociology, lean project management techniques, and agile development, The Collective Potential supports organizations in developing and engaging their people through:

  • Creation of holistic innovation strategies and embedment planning

  • Reduction of  barriers to adoption through project-based facilitation and training

  • Development of high-potentials as facilitators and master integrators

  • Enabling a culture of learning and continuous improvement.

Our service areas reflect three key leverage points needed for lasting and meaningful change:

Development of Master Integrators

People are the most precious resource of any organization.  Their creativity, ingenuity, passion, and synergy is what makes the magic.  That being said, in today’s world, we have over emphasized the importance of specialists without also developing the complementary integrators needed to translate the various expertise into unique solutions.  As a result, we lose a lot of the potential value that our teams could be creating.  


The master integrator is an individual with the right balance of social and technical skills that can utilize various tools, techniques, and behaviors to get the most out of their team.  They work at multiple levels: facilitating technical information flow, encouraging virtuous interpersonal dynamics, and leveraging more subtle means of accountability and empowerment.  They can go into any situation and quickly understand what is really going on, what tools/techniques can help enable positive change, and how to get the team to embrace that change.  Organizations that intentionally cultivate master integrators will be a force in their industry.  

Our virtual trainings focus on developing these highly valuable individuals.  These courses build self-awareness, social awareness, human motivation, proficiency with various lean and agile tools, and a deeper understanding of socio-technical factors impacting information sharing and acceptance.  These courses mix theory with application to both work and personal situations as a means of getting individuals to truly know the material because they have experienced it firsthand. 

 Building Strong Teams

With great endeavors, we need to work with others to be successful.  This is how we create something greater than what we can do individually.  However, most of the time, something gets lost in the interactions between individuals.  We often end up with results that are much less than the sum of the parts.  Disengagement, missed opportunities, flawed cross-understanding, internal friction, defensiveness, lack of awareness or alignment – all these things subtly (or sometimes not so subtly) keep the team from realizing their collective potential.  

Lean production management and agile development provide a wonderful tool set for getting more value out of our teams.  They drive alignment, focus, accountability, transparency, and continuous improvement.  Most importantly they encourage certain foundational behaviors that are the hallmark of any great team.  

Our on-demand trainings have introductions and how-to-guides for many topics and tools that can help project teams get to a higher level of performance.  They are intended as a starting point for teams interested in expanding their capabilities.  For those teams that want to push their potential even further, in-person or virtual consultation/facilitation is a great way to better understand your unique situation and customize the best ways to optimize team performance.  


Transforming Organizations 

Innovation and continuous improvement need to be ideals that every part of the organization lives and breathes.  In order to do so, they need to realize the benefit and promise firsthand.  Robust communities of practice, value stream mapping, agile development of new ideas, and creating inspiring and value-based organizational stories are just some of the means available to shift and strenghten organizational culture.  

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